The primary focus of our business is to meet the needs of the artist. Establishing a personal relationship between our service and a client is very important to us. It is important to us to establish a relaxed atmosphere for the artist in regard to the instrument at hand, freeing the artist to concentrate on performance. Tunings span the range from early pitch and temperament to modern on instruments ranging from clavichords, harpsichord, and organ to fortepiano and modern piano. Our service has had over 40 years of experience working with artists in making sure their needs are met.

Over the years, we have worked with many notable artists, orchestras, and music festivals, in venues ranging from local churches to Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center. We have established relationships with many artists that have lasted for many years, accompanying them as personal techincian on concert tours.

Another facet of the business is our services as long-term standby technician during recordings, whether at studios in remote locations for cds or movie soundtracks, or live at the venue. This requires extreme attention to the detail of pitch, whether it's the moment of recording or months later for retakes to preserve editing continuity. We also have the ability to speak to sound engineering and production professionals to assure the highest quality recording of the instrument is contained.

For many years, we traveled to historic Charleston, South Carolina, for Spoleto USA, where we supplied and maintained harpsichords and fortepiano for performances of Chamber Music, Opera and Ballet. Notable concerts included Gunter Kramer's staging of Don Giovanni, the National Ballet of Canada's production of The Four Seasons, and our yearly regular appearances with The Bank of America Chamber Music Series, which runs throughout the festival.

For more information on our clientele, please consult our List of Notable Artists.