Rental Instruments

Franco-Flemish Concert Double - 1991, by D. Jacques Way. FF to ggg, 63 notes, transposable, a full-bodied 8 x 8 x 4 with a lush lute stop. This is not a shy instrument. It was built to stand up to orchestra or chorus, and is used as a solo instrument by leading harpsichordists.

Flemish Double - 1986, by D. Jacques Way. GG to ddd, 56 + 1 notes. transposable, 8 x 8 x 4, lute stop. A good, basic instrument for continuo or choral accompaniment.








Fortepiano - 1992 by Jacob Kaeser and D. Jacques Way after Walter 1785. FF to ggg, moderator stop and damper lifted by knee levers. Solid cherry. An elegant instrument, with a rich bass and clear treble that carries in any venue.

Instrument rentals include transportation, set up, tuning and intermission touch up. The harpsichord or fortepiano will be removed from the venue immediately following the concert. Contact us as early as posible to secure to secure a concert date to avoid disappointment.